Africas Movement

Africas Movement initiative


usic has become the voice of today’s generation and a powerful tool of communication if channeled in the right way. Africa’s movement is an initiative launched in 2003 that focuses on uniting artists across the globe in working together to raise awareness internationally about key issues affecting Africa.

Africa is a continent with extensive natural resources, rich cultural heritage and immense natural beauty yet despite all it has to offer, it finds itself at a cross roads in need of major change. Africa, with close to 50% of its demographic under the age of 25, will need to look towards its youth to become its next generation of leaders.

Music as the voice of the youth will therefore have a crucial role to play in this. African artists who have managed to get a voice on the international scene need to take up the role of pushing for the African agenda. Kage Sparks as Africa’s Street Ambassador is determined to carry the torch internationally and be one of the many voices united in uplifting the continent towards a more positive future.
The artist has done this through the establishment of a foundation to push this mandate further. The initiative, The Nomadic Star Foundation is the first of many such programmes that Kage Sparks plans on setting up.



Electronic Press Kit


Kage Sparks - EPK



African Dream (feat. African-Boyz)

African Dream (feat. African-Boyz)





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