Mommas Good Boy INC.

Who defines the rules ?

Society at times can seem to be building a road block of obstacles preventing us from expressing our inner creativity and power of imagination.

Mommas Good Boy politically correct response to that is FUCK IT !

Not your everyday marketing promotional language I hear you say ? This is because Mommas Good Boy Inc is not your typical clothing line, there are thousands of those to chose from, instead we are designing clothes to be a canvas for your thoughts and philosophies on life. A way to learn, discover, as well as incite conversation.

A new philosophy to fashion.


125th Urban Street

One of the biggest and most respected urban clothing stores in the heart of Europe. They have been official sponsors of Kage Sparks since 2008.

Potential SponsorsKage Sparks is always interested in collaborating on projects that artistically tie in with his business ethos that is to provide consumers with quality and excellence.

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