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Firestarter 2012


Independent African artist Kage Sparks pays homage to one of his favorite groups, The Prodigy, by putting his own spin on their classic smash hit Firestarter which was first released in 1996 via XL recordings.

As a group they have inspired him with their creative vision, artistic integrity, conceptual songs and ground breaking music videos.

Firestarter 2012 is his artistic interpretation of what it means to be a Firestarter.

The treatment and creative vision of the music video was written and conceptualized by Kage Sparks and directed by French Director Wolfcut.

Firestarter 2012, was done as a tribute by Kage Sparks to The Prodigy for providing a blueprint he applies today in his own music and videos.

Some of the Highlights of the Video include:

  • Kage Sparks rapping with a poisonous snake wrapped around his neck while driving one handed through the Gateways of the Sahara.
  • Shutting down for four hours and filming on one of the largest Manganese mines in the world.
  • Kage Sparks jumping out a plane at 4,800 meters and landing by himself.
  • Using real life Yahia Bedouin nomads as extras in the video.



New video : Ghosts of the City


Kage Sparks drops the video for his 2nd Official single Ghosts of the City from his upcoming project Africas Street Ambassador Vol 1.

Directed by Wolfcut
Creative Director & Screenplay : Kage Sparks

Check out the video
Download the song for free !


New video : 'World Star' (World Record For Most Countries Shot In A Hip-Hop Video)

Kage Sparks - World Star

Kage Sparks sets world record for an independent artist by filming in 8 Countries on 3 different continents for Music Video entitled World Star.

Directed by Wolfcut
Creative Director : Kage Sparks

check out the video


'Love The Way' 1st official single from Africas Street Ambassador album


Check out 'Love The Way' 1st official single from Africas Street Ambassador album, music video filmed in Morocco.
Produced by multi-platinum producer Bruno Sanchioni.

Directed by Wolfcut
Creative Director : Kage Sparks

check out the video


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