Dark Science EP



ark-Science is hip-hops next generation of torch bearers, a street conscious international hip-hop movement founded in the late nineties focused on the empowerment of their people and comprises of a collective spread all over the world. Official members: Kage Sparks, Resco, Scribe Johnson, Mercury Star, Sista Flo,

Their music is a true reflection of their environment, dealing with the positive and negative elements in the continuous struggle that is life.

The name Dark-Science is a metaphor for the state of mind one needs to reach in order to overcome the struggle and darkness that we encounter on all life changing journeys through the science that is life.

For in order to reach the plains of true greatness and enlightenment one must walk first through the darkness that obscures the paths to our destinies...

  • Producers : Mercury Star, Matt Parsons
  • Studio : Music Eye Studios, Portsmouth, UK
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"Dark Science" - Limited Edition EP. Free Download
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