A-Boyz - Off tha Chain EP


Music has returned full circle to the homeland of its very existence... The A-Boyz are here - representing Africa and the rest of the world. The group is what's known as a 'triple-threat': a singer, a rapper and a DJ.

HOOD-VICIOUZ; the British-born West African(Nigerian origins) singer, has an irrepressible and infectious energy about him, carrying listeners and crowds alike to wherever he wishes.

KAGE SPARKS, East-African heritage has all the makings of a hip hop star - thought-provoking lyrics, incredible word play/flows and flava, and a ghetto reportage eye for detail rarely surpassed.

MR SCORPIAN, a Moroccan(North African)/Spanish DJ, is the talented in-house dj for the group.

A-BOYZ make music for the people - They can deliver a socially-conscious message effortlessly; follow it up with a grittier street sound; smooth it out to entertain the crowd; and wrap it up with deeply personal, emotional songs that will resonate within you.

KEYBOARD MONEY MIKE, the legendary producer who discovered KRS-One and hasworked with the likes of Big Pun, LL Cool J, Fat Joe etc... produced the majority of the A-Boyz EP Off tha Chain.

They have already shot highly-acclaimed music videos, have a documentary in the works and have opened sell-out concerts for Akon, Ja Rule, Brick and Lace, Amerie, and Lil Kim performing at the TMF Awards in front of 14,000 fans.

  • Producers : Keyboard Money Mike, Mercury Star
  • Studio : Deep N Dance Entertainment, Namur, Belgium
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