THE WORLD IS MY BLOCKthe-world-is-my-block_cover

It is a truly wonderful thing when you listen to the debut of an MC that has clearly put so much thought and effort into both LYRICS and CONCEPT, one that flows almost seamlessly from start to finish. "The World Is My Block" is an album that will take you a few listens to figure out properly, but upon each subsequent listen, you will discover a multitude of clever little touches. The production is consistent throughout, ranging from solid to superb; the choruses are almost all deceptively catchy; but really and truly, it is the artist himself that the show rightfully belongs to.

As reviewed by Jesal 'Jay Soul' Padania | Rapreviews.com

  • Producers : Rhythm, Bless Star, Rhymez, Keyboard Money Mike, Black Prez, Mercury Star
  • Studio : Pure Vibe Studios, New Hampshire, USA

  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Kage Sparks
  • 03. Take Off
  • 04. World Star
  • 05. Room Service
  • 06. Sex Drive
  • 07. Stand Out
  • 08. Bigger than Life
  • 09. High Society
  • 10. Celebrity Crazy
  • 11. Way of the World
  • 12. Ghosts of the City
  • 13. Taser!!! (hit her)
  • 14. Want You
  • 15. Zero Tolerance (skit)
  • 16. Mr Polygamist
  • 17. Runway to God
  • 18. Outro
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LIFE OR DEATHlife-or-death_cover

Life or Death is a collaboration album recorded in London over two years between Kage Sparks and Chicago rapper Black Caz. The concept behind the project came about through a discussion on the current status of hip hop and the lack of passion and dedication evident in the art form when it comes to mastering the art of being an MC. Inspired the two artists agreed that between working on their solo albums they would commit to making an album strictly for those who appreciate the essence of the culture and respect the art form. The album had no commercial objective and was made as a gift to their respective fans and for all lovers of real hip hop.

  • Producers : Keyboard Money Mike, Mercury Star, Resco, Black Prez
  • Studio : Caz Inc, London, UK
  • 01. Resurrection
  • 02. Le Regime
  • 03. Bang
  • 04. Believe
  • 05. Fucked Up
  • 06. Shut em Down
  • 07. Sometimes
  • 08. Life I Live
  • 09.Underworld
  • 10. Fa the Love
  • 11. Change yo Life
  • 12. Run that
  • 13. Keep it Live
  • 14. Beware of the Beast
  • 15. How the hustlers play
  • 16. My People
  • 17. Dedication

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"Life or Death" - Starring Kage Sparks & Black Caz. Free Download

Music has returned full circle to the homeland of its very existence... The A-Boyz are here - representing Africa and the rest of the world. The group is what's known as a 'triple-threat': a singer, a rapper and a DJ. HOOD-VICIOUZ, the British-born West African(Nigerian origins) singer, has an irrepressible and infectious energy about him, carrying listeners and crowds alike to wherever he wishes. KAGE SPARKS, East-African heritage has all the makings of a hip hop star - thought-provoking lyrics, incredible word play/flows and flava, and a ghetto reportage eye for detail rarely surpassed. MR SCORPIAN, a Moroccan(North African)/Spanish DJ, is the talented in-house dj for the group. A-BOYZ make music for the people - They can deliver a socially-conscious message effortlessly; follow it up with a grittier street sound; smooth it out to entertain the crowd; and wrap it up with deeply personal, emotional songs that will resonate within you. KEYBOARD MONEY MIKE, the legendary producer who discovered KRS-One and hasworked with the likes of Big Pun, LL Cool J, Fat Joe etc... produced the majority of the A-Boyz EP Off tha Chain. They have already shot highly-acclaimed music videos, have a documentary in the works and have opened sell-out concerts for Akon, Ja Rule, Brick and Lace, Amerie, and Lil Kim performing at the TMF Awards in front of 14,000 fans.

  • Producers : Keyboard Money Mike, Mercury Star
  • Studio : Deep N Dance Entertainment, Namur, Belgium
  • 01. I'm a ridah
  • 02. Drop
  • 03. Paper Chaser
  • 04. So Fly
  • 05. Shawty what you saying
DARK SCIENCE EPdark-science_cover

Music has existed since the dawn of humanity. It is the heart beat of our dreams and hopes, the rhythm to our unfulfilled destinies, the universal language that speaks to our souls, captures our emotions and can bind them forever to a moment in time.

From the beating drums of the Zulu warriors as they marched to war, to the powerful Negro spirituals of African American slaves; music has inspired, enchanted and uplifted our people through adversity and struggle for generations. Music when channelled for the good of humanity can become a torch of inspiration for the worlds lost souls. Dark-Science is hip-hops next generation of torch bearers, a street conscious international hip-hop movement founded in the late nineties focused on the empowerment of their people and comprises of a collective spread all over the world. Official members: Kage Sparks, Resco, Scribe Johnson, Mercury Star, Sista Flo, Their music is a true reflection of their environment, dealing with the positive and negative elements in the continuous struggle that is life. The name Dark-Science is a metaphor for the state of mind one needs to reach in order to overcome the struggle and darkness that we encounter on all life changing journeys through the science that is life. For in order to reach the plains of true greatness and enlightenment one must walk first through the darkness that obscures the paths to our destinies...[/dropcap]
  • Producers : Mercury Star, Matt Parsons
  • Studio : Music Eye Studios, Portsmouth, UK
  • 01. In the Heart
  • 02. Blood Pumping
  • 03. Africa
  • 04. Lock n Spark
  • 05. Infinite Skillz
  • 06. Ghetto Gospel
  • 07. From Here
  • 08. Science of Life
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"Dark Science" - Limited Edition EP. Free Download