KAGE SPARKS a.k.a. Africas Street Ambassador defines the urban nomad, he is an eclectic fusion of cultures melded together by a young mans passion for music. Born in the Capital of Europe, descendant of Kenyan/Tanzanian heritage, resident of the UK for many years and with his debut album The World is My Block having been written and recorded in the US, KAGE SPARKS is the true reflection of an international artist.

ks_youthThe World is My Block is the motto and creed by which he has lived his whole life. As a worldwide traveler he has embraced cultures and people all over the globe. KAGE SPARKS’ first introduction to hip‐hop was on the streets of Nairobi at the age of 11, where the art forms powerful messages were infiltrating their way into the hearts and minds of young African kids who gravitated towards hiphop as a voice for their struggles and lost dreams.

KAGE SPARKS attributes the harnessing of his skills as an M.C. to the many months every year he would spend up country in the small rural village where his dad was born and raised a place where poverty is a grim reality of life.

"Being a city boy and now finding myself in a small village in the middle of nowhere with no electricity, no running water and little to do to pass time I would end up writing rhymes and freestyling for hours every day with no beats or access to music I would have to come up with creative flows in my head.”

ks_liveAs he grew older his reputation as a ferocious battler spread and along his travels to different cities round the world, he found that one thing everybody respects irrespective of where they come from is a winner. “Winning became a powerful addiction for me, battling allowed me to see that having a fearless approach to anything in life gets you a lot further and it’s a strategy I apply in everything I do to this day.”

This drive to win has been embedded in him from a young age; he cites his close encounters with death as having been a focal point for this. From witnessing a man murdered and burnt alive in front of his eyes at age 7, the loss of his mentor and best friend to the streets and the passing of many loved ones to Aids have all had a profound effect on him. “Being close to death and watching people close to you pass away, has a way of making you value your decisions and in my case pushed me to wanting to achieve something meaningful with my talents.”

engutoto_schoolKAGE SPARKS talent for music is backed by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a first class honours’ degree in finance and business. He along with business partners in the US and Europe have launched Nomadic Star a global entertainment company as well as Nomadic Star Foundation, a non‐profit organization that provides educational material and workshops for young kids in deprived areas of the world teaching them how to empower themselves, develop leadership skills and how to tackle the social ills affecting their communities.“I guess I don’t fit into your stereotypical context of a rapper, I’ve witnessed both ends of the spectrum, I can talk about the streets ‘cos I been there done that, but at the same time I also went to college and did well at that, so in many ways I can really paint a complete picture for both sides.”

With his debut album THE WORLD IS MY BLOCK having received critical acclaim, Kage Sparks continues on his mission to entertain and inspire listeners around the world with his two upcoming projects:

1AFRICAS STREET AMBASSADOR VOL 1 a concept album accompanied by cinematic visuals that provide a real perspective to life in the streets of Africa. (Check out the first street single shaka zulu here)

2BREAK OUT THE ZOO an experimental album with multiplatinum dance producer Mr Yone which aims to push the boundaries of the fusion of dance/rap collaborations.